Innovation for a healthy life

The Indusbello Company is the origin of our history, the IB was the first brand Indusbello, which in its early days was the slogan technology for a healthy life, proving that from the beginning, since demonstrávamos major concern in instilling technological processes in the development of products Health area. Later, the word has been replaced by technology innovation, and innovation for healthy living has become the slogan of Indusbello brand today. Innovation, which occurred not only in our slogan and our brand is a reflection of our innovation process as a whole: in the management of our business, the macro and micro-environment and mainly in production processes.

It is commitment for over two decades we reference as a standard of quality and innovation in the field of health care products, operating through a responsible approach by offering products and services of high quality and in line with new trends and market needs . Always looking for innovative proposals that will lead to profitability and to contribute to the development of society.

The Indusbello Company brand created in 2015 arose from the need for segmentation of the brands of our products, mainly in the dental sector and in the medical field, as well as Indusbello brand that focuses on the dental industry also arises Indusbello Bambini - Innovation for healthy childhood , focusing on pediatric dentistry and Sanita - Preserving life, focusing on the medical products.

Our management system implements continuous improvements to meet all regulatory requirements, management and customers, thereby seeking the satisfaction of our customers.


During our history to date, we have been implementing quality processes in our managing system. Nowadays we comply with all the national and international requirements to the sector and vital to an efficient quality system such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, BPF, FDA and CE. Our managing system implements continuous improvements to meet all managing and clients essential requirements, meeting our clients’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

To trade healthcare products responsibly and provide high quality standards products and services according to market trends and needs using innovative resources that leads to profitability and contribute to society\'s development;

Our Vision

To be quality and innovation reference within the healthcare field.

Our Values


To act with determination, competence and honesty, seeking continuous improvements, services efficiency and consequently the results.


To act responsibly, guided by justice, respect and honesty.


To continuously promote the employee’s life quality and to meet the clients’ needs.


To motivate the employees to be creative, to have initiative and creativity, and strive to achieve their personal goals learning through their own innovative experiences contributing to the company’s growth.


To recognize and value employees’ personal and collective attitudes, characteristics, competences and contributions, offering equal opportunities and providing personal and professional development.

Teamwork thinking:

To work to achieve best results, sharing ideas and talents, respecting different points of view, motivating and empowering TEAMWORK.